Podcast Interview: Wirkstoffradio

October 2022

In the episode “WSR054 Pal√§obiotechnologie und R√§uber-Beute Beziehungen” of the Podcast “Wirkstoffradio” Pierre and Bernd Rupp discuss very comprehensively and easily-to-follow a bunch of connected topics in natural product research.

Featured topics

  • What is Paleobiotechnology and how to analyze paleontologic samples
  • How to find microbes and natural products in those ancient samples
  • Predator-prey relationships of amoeba and their bacterial food
  • Other microbial interactions
  • Various exciting examples (be it rare but fatal diseases, social behaviour of amoeba…)
  • Impact of natural products
  • and more…

Listen to the whole episode here! Note: This podcast in German.

You will find a comprehensive list of links to further informative literature in the show notes!

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Source: Wirkstoffradio (unchanged, under CC BY-ND 4.0 license)