Dr. Mai Anh Tran

Portrait of Mai Anh Tran


Phone: +49 3641 532-1376
Email: mai.tran@leibniz-hki.de


Mai studied chemistry at the University of Cologne and RWTH University Aachen. In her training, she is an organic and polymer chemist. During her master’s degree, she worked with enzymes for the first time, encapsulating them in microgels and using them as biocatalysts to synthesize biodegradable polymers. This was the defining moment for her to join a biochemistry lab for her PhD.

During her PhD studies in the group of Prof. Ute Hellmich, she worked with different types of soluble and membrane-bound proteins involved in bacterial communication.  In one of her projects, she studied the structure of multimodular enzymes that synthesize natural products. She joined Pierre’s lab in April 2023 to learn more about the biosynthesis of natural products.

Outside of the lab, Mai loves cooking, knits, crochets stuffed animals (amigurumis), takes care of her urban garden, plays board games, and is a member of Foodsharing e.V.