Akari Shinoda

Portrait of Akari Shinoda


Phone: +49 3641 532-1235
Email: akari.shinoda@leibniz-hki.de


Akari obtained her bachelor’s degree in the Department of Fermentation Science at Tokyo University of Agriculture under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Kenichiro Suzuki. She pursued her master’s and doctoral degrees at the Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences at Kyushu University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jiro Nakayama. During her master’s and doctoral studies, she studied the association between gut microbiome, diet, and health in Mongolia. Currently, she is working as a postdoctoral researcher, focusing on a project that explores the impact of Mongolian dairy products on the gut microbiome of Mongolians.

Having lived in Mongolia during her childhood, she is very pleased to be in touch with Mongolia through her research.